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Looking for some helpful advice about homeschooling, educational resources, and learning strategies?

When your child is struggling to learn or you have homeschooling questions, you need someone who is knowledgable and relatable.

Someone who has the solutions and can connect with you and your child in a professional yet down-to-earth way.

You need Heather.

What Others Are Saying

Heather has been our evaluator and friend since 2010. We have her evaluate all of our children each year, from kindergarten through 12th grade. Heather is so encouraging, gives helpful advice, and is very competent to handle each grade level.

Ginny D.

Our son quickly made a major turnaround in his confidence, performance and grade in Geometry. Thanks to Heather Estelle. She has the ability to explain the difficult concepts and keep our son engaged. Heather has been our math “secret weapon” and we highly recommend her!”

Heather D.

I highly recommend Heather. She tutored my daughter for a few years. Not only did Heather help her excel at math, but also she was very instrumental in helping her gain a love for reading.

Denise V.