Looking for some help memorizing those tricky multiplication facts or finally figuring out fractions? 

Here are some really great math websites to help your child master some math and even have fun doing it!

1. Dads Worksheets

Created by a dad with four daughters, Dads Worksheets is filled with worksheets, charts, flash cards, calculators, and even a game to practice those math facts in as many ways as possible. 

The worksheets are easy to search and even easier to print with just a few simple clicks, and the answers are provided too, free of charge. 

Thanks, Dad!

Covering everything from Kindergarten concepts to Pre-Algebra skills and constantly being updated, you will definitely want to bookmark this site and return to it often. 

2. Moby Max

MobyMax is another great website to help your child master math concepts. The sign-up is free and easy with a parent email, and works well for students in school or homeschooled. 

A simple diagnostic test will help your place your child at the right starting point, and the videos and adaptive practice promise to find and fix learning gaps. 

I love how it uses both oral and written cues in the questions and lots of visual aids and videos to keep kids engaged. And it also keeps track of their progress, so you can easily see what they have learned and mastered.

3. Mr Nussbaum 

I have been a fan of Mr. Nussbaum for quite a while, and often used his old website to add in engaging and educational language arts games to my tutoring sessions. 

His new Mr Nussbaum site is even cleaner, but still filled with fun and effective online games and activities, as well as printable ones to practice all kinds of elementary math concepts. 

Broken down by grade level for K through 8th, his games will keep your child engrossed in defeating the Mayan Math Monster or destroying Awful Waffles all while mastering math facts. 

Talk about a win-win! 

And if you’d like access to even more activities without all the annoying ads, you can upgrade to MrN 365 for a small monthly fee.

4. IXL 

So, if you have a child in school, you may already be familiar with IXL, but it is available even if you homeschool or don’t already have access to it for a small monthly fee. 

It’s super simple to navigate and is broken down into grade levels, subjects and then skills, so you can usually find a few activities to practice for each specific math concept. 

The questions in each one get progressively harder, and some of them are quite tricky, but they do explain the incorrect answers (so you don’t have to), and allow for question retakes multiple times with similar questions. 

IXL keeps track of the time it takes and the final score for each activity, and is definitely a helpful site for extra practice in math skills all the way from Pre-K to Calculus.

5. Math Antics

Math Antics was created by a homeschool dad and his friend and uses humorous videos to explain many basic math concepts that your child will encounter from 3rd to 8th grade.

For a small yearly fee, you can also get access to pdf exercises and worksheets for extra practice with each of the concepts covered in the videos.

6. iPracticeMath 

Another site filled with math practice activities from elementary through high school is iPracticeMath

While only the elementary concepts are free, this site is easy to use and provides simple explanations and examples for each math skill, and online practice problems and worksheets which can be solved and graded online or printed to use offline. 

They do seem to use unusually large numbers in their equations, like 15 + 2 in their simple addition practice or 19(8j + j) in their beginning Algebra worksheet. 

This website nicely keeps track of each student’s progress, including a monthly report of the practice and worksheet results. 

Homeschool parents can sign up as a home tutor for free basic content for up to 3 kids or upgrade for even more content and access to the word problems, quizzes and material for grades 6 through high school.

7. Learn ‘em Forwards and Backwards 

Looking for a super simple way to practice and master those multiplication and division facts? 

Learn ‘em Forwards and Backwards by Math Without Borders takes flash cards to a whole new online level, complete with feedback based on measuring the time it takes for a correct response and continued spiral review over short sessions to achieve mastery. 

It is easy to use and provides automatic correction for missed problems, so your child can practice those facts while you are focused on something else…like dinner.

8. Math is Fun

I’ve been trying to convince my students for years that Math is Fun, so I heartily agree with the idea behind this simple math website. 

Even though the format looks dated, this site contains definitions, examples, activities, games, and worksheets for math concepts from K through high school. 

It’s completely free, easy to navigate, and provides simple math practice for students of all ages.

9. Sheppard Software 

A little more visually appealing math website is Sheppard Software, which provides free online games for elementary students, covering early math through Pre-Algebra and Geometry skills.

 The game formats are so simple to play that even I could figure them out without child supervision (which is not always the case) and are also quite entertaining and educational. 

For instance, the Fruit Splat not only lets you squash fruit to compare integers, but also has multiple levels, modes and speeds, as well as a final percentage when you finish. 

This is another great site for bookmark for your younger kids return to often for some fun math review.

10. Prodigy 

Finishing out this list is an engaging math game at prodigygame.com for students in grade 1 through 8 to learn and practice all sorts of math skills. 

Your child will need a parent email, but the sign-up is free and the format is basically a video game with math facts thrown in, so be prepared to set your own limit on how long your child can play at one sitting.

Know some other great math websites that have helped your family? Please share in a comment below.

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