It’s finally fall and you know what that means…

It’s time for pumpkins to roll into their annual spotlight once again. Whether you are a mom with littles, teens, or kiddos in between, here are lots of fun and easy pumpkin ideas to help your whole family celebrate fall together with some fresh takes on the classic pumpkin.

Family of Owls Pumpkins

Give a hoot and add this adorable family of owls to your porch this fall. It’s the perfect way to combine science and fun. Your kids can research some different owls and create a whole family of these feathered friends. Templates and simple instructions are over at Country Living.

Image: Romulo Yanes / Woman’s Day

Face Mask Pumpkin

Even the pumpkins need a spa day this fall! Help one out by painting on a simple face and adding some paper cucumbers and a shower cap. Then treat yourself to a face mask or spa day. Great idea, Good Housekeeping!

Image: Mike Garten/Good Housekeeping

Toilet Paper Pumpkins

Grab some extra rolls of toilet paper from your 2020 stash, and let your kiddos whip up a few of these super simple pumpkins from The Ruffled Daisy using fabric, a stick, and some twine.

Image: The Ruffled Daisy

Porcupine Pumpkin

What do you get from a box of toothpicks, a few acorn caps, and an oval squash? This adorable guy! Full instructions are over at Country Living, and this little spiky creature is a definite fall crowd pleaser.

Image: Country Living

Stenciled Pumpkin

Ready to get artsy with your pumpkin? Grab some paint markers and a vine stencil and create this pretty one. Full directions for this little beauty are over at The Crafty Blog Stalker.

Image: The Crafty Blog Stalker

Spray Painted Pumpkins

Here’s another simple and chic pumpkin idea using black, gold, and cream spray paint. You can get all the details to make your own set over at Sincerely Sara D.

Image: Sincerely Sara D.

Melted Crayon Pumpkin

Not sure what to do with all the extra Crayola Crayons lying around? Grab a hair dryer and let your kiddos help you create this artful pumpkin. You can see all the simple steps over at Mom Spark.

Image: Mom Spark

Oak Tree Swirl Pumpkin

Apparently, you can use a linoleum cutter to up your pumpkin game this fall and create one like this nature-inspired beauty. You can find the tutorial over at Country Living.

Image: Steven Randazzo/Country Living

Glitter Pumpkins

Glitter! You either love it or hate it, but it is a pretty simple way to glam up your pumpkin. Just grab a big jar of the gold sparkly stuff and Aleene’s Tacky Glue, and head over to Aleene’s for a simple tutorial on this sparkly fall creation.

Image: Alene’s

Book Page Pumpkin

Here’s a fun idea for all the bibliophiles looking for interesting way to recycle that old textbook this fall. Create your own book page pumpkin with Julie Measures.

Image: Julie Measures

Fringe Pumpkin

Ok, this fringy little pumpkin from Good Housekeeping doesn’t scare me at all, and I can’t wait to add him to our house this fall. Just grab that hot glue, some fringe, and giant googly eyes and you too can create a new pumpkin friend that rivals Cousin Itt.

Image: Mike Garten/Good Housekeeping

Dotted Pumpkin

Who says you can’t use the power tools to make a cool pumpkin? This simple dotted pumpkin from Country Living is created entirely from a power drill and some bits, and is a perfect way to teach some shop skills to your teens and tweens.

Image: John Kernick/Country Living

Bean Bag Toss Pumpkins

Here’s a fun way to carve a couple of cool pumpkins and create an easy game to play with everyone, even the littles. You can grab the template and instructions over at Country Living.

Image: Brian Woodcock/Country Living

Velvet Pumpkins

I was inspired to make some simple DIY fabric pumpkins last fall after seeing a few in the local mall, but these fluffy DIY velvet ones are definitely on my to-do list this year. They take some sewing and special materials, but My Wee Abode will walk you through the full tutorial to creating these soft, gorgeous centerpieces.

Image: My Wee Abode

Cross-Stitch Pumpkins

Here’s a perfect chance to work on those sewing skills while decorating your pumpkins this fall. This one is a little time-intensive and you will probably want to stitch them on faux pumpkins to preserve all that work. All of the details and templates you need are over at Country Living.

Image: Country Living

Thankful Pumpkin

Looking for a super simple way to practice thankfulness as well as some handwriting and spelling? Grab some sharpies and have each family member create their own small thankful pumpkin, or work on big pumpkin together as a family. Nice idea, Amy Latta Creations!

Image: Amy Latta Creations

Big Dipper Pumpkin

Review or learn some Astronomy constellations with this scientific idea from Country Living using chalkboard spray paint, a drill, chalk, and some string lights.

Image: Country Living

Tissue Paper Pumpkin

Here’s a fun fall pumpkin version of The Rainbow Fish using tissue paper and double-sided tape. It’s simple, unusual, and a perfect way for your child to practice tracing and cutting skills (and maybe even come up with a new story about The Rainbow Pumpkin!) You can find all the steps at Sarah Hearts.

Image: Sarah Hearts

Woodland Creatures Pumpkins

These adorable little pals are a perfect addition to your Woodland Creatures unit study this fall. I can’t think of a cuter way to combine art and science, and add some new little friends to your home. All of the patterns and directions to make your own woodland creatures are over at Simple As That.

Image: Simple As That

Pumpkin Plant Fam

Here’s an excuse for all the succulent lovers to grab a few new plants with their pumpkins this fall. Then let everyone help create each member of their pumpkin plant family, complete with painted faces and crazy hair. You can get a step-by-step tutorial over at The House that Lars Built.

Image: The House that Lars Built

Balloon String Pumpkin

Here’s a cute one that doesn’t even require a pumpkin. Just grab some yarn, glue, and a balloon, and create this little fall creation with your kids. The process is a little messy, but the result is another fun fall decoration for your family. Head over to One Little Project for all of the instructions.

Image: One Little Project

Yarn Pumpkin Garland

Looking for a super simple garland that even the little ones can help make this fall? These little pumpkins only require yarn, pipe cleaners, and twine, and would be a great activity during family reading time. You can wrap up these cuties and sneak in some counting practice too. Find out everything at Design Improved.

Image: Design Improved

Pumpkin Pie Garland

Here’s another simple garland to let you showcase a yummy use of pumpkins without even messing up your kitchen! With just some felt, twine and glue, you can create this easy pumpkin pie garland with your kids to remind the whole family of another great fall perk — pumpkin pie! Everything you need to know is over at The First Year.

Image: The First Year

Pumpkin Dessert Bars

Here’s a fun twist on the pumpkin pie that comes highly recommended by a friend. It’s an easy way to practice fractions and cooking skills with your kiddos and create a sweet pumpkin treat to enjoy together. Plus, it makes enough to share with other family and friends! Head over to Taste of Home for the recipe.

Image: Taste of Home

Pumpkin Cookies

Want an adorable way to share some yummy pumpkin love this fall? With only 4 simple ingredients, this easy pumpkin cookie recipe is great way to teach some beginning cooking skills to your little kiddos. Or let your older ones make them with minimal help. All of the templates for the recipe and cute packaging is available over at The 36th Avenue.

Image: The 36th Avenue

Brownie Pumpkin Cupcakes

This last one is a personal favorite, and a must for every chocolate lover this fall. This homemade brownie cupcake with pumpkin cream cheese frosting is a mouthful of deliciousness. It’s easy enough to make with your kids and tasty enough to share with others (although you may want to eat them all)! You can find the recipe and instructions at Sally’s Baking Addiction.

Image: Sally’s Baking Addiction

And there you have it. Lots of new easy and fun fall pumpkin ideas for your family. Try a few or try them all. And comment below to let me know your family’s favorites. Happy Fall!