You can do this.


i can help.

Starting out on your homeschooling journey can be downright scary. So is discovering that your child is struggling academically.
That’s where Heather can step in, giving you the homeschooling and tutoring help you need.

heather’s story

Ever had that one thing that you are really good at and absolutely love? For me, it’s always been teaching. So, it seemed like a no-brainer to get an education degree and join the others as a classroom teacher.

But after just a couple of years, I realized that the classroom gig was not the right fit for me, so I took a deep breath and launched out into the land of private tutoring…

And discovered that I absolutely loved it and was really good at it! My students learned how to master multiplication and solve tricky word problems. They started reading – voraciously – and really understanding what they read. Their test-taking skills improved by leaps and bounds.

It was a win-win, and I thought that I had found my only niche…

Until I discovered the additional world of homeschooling,

And realized that this world was going to be the best educational fit for my family.

I dived into homeschooling my two children all the way from elementary through high school. I created curriculums and taught in various co-ops, and began helping other homeschooling families with consultations and evaluations.

I made some mistakes, and also some really smart choices. And I just can’t wait to share with you everything I have learned along the way.

So, here I am, over 25 years later, excited to help you and your family in your academic journey.

Whether you need individualized tutoring, solid homeschooling advice, or just some really helpful educational tips for your family,

I’m here for you and I can’t wait to help you make your journey less stressful and more successful. You can do this. I can help!

~ Heather

fun facts about heather


Once climbed a glacier and got an amoeba in the same trip to Ecuador


can be found collecting mom memes or reading some fiction late at night


Has a pretty intense addiction to succulents & flowering plants


Enjoys coffee and tea, but just can’t get into Kombucha


Believes eating good chocolate and walking on the beach is part of “Livin’ the Dream”

homeschool evaluations

Years of experience

successful students

families helped


Erika C.

“I consulted with Heather in the middle of a particularly difficult school year, and she helped me tremendously. She had ideas I was able to implement to help our days flow more smoothly, and she helped me see the value in all the work we’ve already done over the years. I was able to return to our studies with confidence. I have a much better perspective about what we’re doing, and our days nave been better because or Heathers encouragement and creative solutions.”

Regina D.

“Heather has been a great educational support for my children. She is a wealth of knowledge and resources. She is patient, kind and constructive and is an excellent teacher and evaluator.”

Demi S.

“Heather has helped my children wonderfully in math since 6th grade. She makes math fun and she is incredibly patient when one of my children has trouble comprehending a concept. Look no further, if you need a tutor in math or any other subject, she is your person.”


“I had a great learning experience with Heather! I improved my [SAT] score by over 200 points. She showed me ways to efficiently and effectively take the test. A big thanks to her for helping me brighten my future!”

Lisa C.

“The progress my daughter has made is great. Her grade in math has gone up, and Heather teaches her easier strategies to help her understand the concept.”

Beth V.

“My daughter adores Heather! Her Geometry grades are A’s! Heather gives kids the confidence and tools they need to succeed.”

Amy W.

“One of our kids needed help in Algebra and with Heather’s help, the grade went from a D up to an A/B average. She’s very patient with her teaching and customizes the tutoring towards individual needs. Highly recommend!!!!”

Kelly S.

“My son was tutored by Heather, and had a very positive experience. He was nervous and shy. Heather had him communicating and feeling comfortable very quickly. Heather is excellent at analyzing a student’s thought process of learning to where she can use the student’s strengths to better comprehend concepts. I highly recommend Heather for any educational tutoring.”

Debbi M.

“Heather Estelle is one of my favorite pieces of our homeschooling journey. Her calm nature and sweet personality make the evaluations stress-free for my children and myself. One of my children struggles with anxiety, but Heather makes him feel right at ease during his evaluation.  She is also especially helpful in guiding us to the curriculum that works for each of their individual interests and learning styles. There are so many choices out there for curriculum and her knowledge in that area has helped us so much.  She is encouraging to us all with her feedback and suggestions and we appreciate her greatly!”